FatBurn Extreme

Push your body to the limits and work all your major muscle groups with this explosive 20-minute workout. A rest-based, full-body programme, FatBurn Extreme® is a high-energy, cross-training session that gives you maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Sweat it out as you build your strength, improve your power and boost your reaction times. Feel the burn as your calories melt away from multiple bursts of intense activity designed to keep your metabolism fired up long after your workout is over. You’ll ache, but it’ll be worth it.

FatBurn Extreme® Instructor Samantha D’Cruz

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An energetic group fitness instructor certified by the National Council on Strength & Fitness, Samantha has been motivating individuals to reach their health and fitness goals through intensive HIIT workouts. As the HIIT coach at Republic Polytechnic, she promotes activities that transforms unhealthy habits to fuel healthy minds and bodies. When she’s not busy teaching, Samantha organises classes for senior citizens and corporate clients as well as conducting group and personal training sessions.

Feel the burn with FatBurn Extreme®!

Every Thursday from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Members: $5 per class per entry

As classes are extremely popular, do register in advance to secure your spot. Walk-ins are accepted based on availability.


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