Free body composition analysis


Always wondered how much fat, lean body mass and muscle you have in your body? Well, wonder no more with a free body composition analysis! Easy, fast and precise, this test goes beyond your weight to show you what you’re really made of.

With detailed data of your body, this test helps you reach your health and fitness goals with precision and actionable objectives. Whether you’re looking to shed a few unwanted pounds, tone up or get absolutely ripped, the body composition analysis is the first step to a fitter, leaner you.

This online booking is only available to non-members. No gimmicks, no pressure, no obligations. Members of the gym must contact a personal trainer to make a booking.

To use the free body composition analysis, you must show your Singapore NRIC or FIN card at registration. Visitors on short-term visas are not eligible. Only one free body composition analysis per person per year. Driver’s license, student cards, etc., are not acceptable forms of ID.

Please select a time slot of your choice.