Maintaining Fitness at Home

Given the increasingly strident news reports about the global impact of the Coronavirus and the global calls for self-isolation, it is no wonder that many members of gyms across the globe are increasingly reluctant to keep up with the regular exercise programs. However, now even the most dedicated gym member is going to have to show patience and commitment to a healthier lifestyle as gyms are temporarily closed until at least the 6th of May due to Coronavirus related restrictions.

At The Loft gym we would like to express our support for the actions that the Singapore government is taking to help protect us on the Little Red Dot.

Here at The Loft Gym, we have been taking extra precautions in line with the Singapore Health Authority’s recommendations in order to ensure that the gym remained a safe haven for those who wanted to reduce their levels of stress and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But as the Coronavirus spreads, it became apparent that even stricter measures needed to be put in place – temporarily closing all gyms and advising everyone to remain at home.

So, what can you do?

If you are choosing to exercise outside (which the Ministry of Health recommends) or at home, don’t overdo it. Just try and maintain a level of fitness that will allow you to return to the gym and resume your normal routine. The normal common-sense rules apply when you are outside running or using equipment in parks and along paths. Wipe down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes prior to touching them. Do that before and after you use the equipment. This virus can be beaten if we all work together. Practice safe distancing and wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.

Consider an alternative form of exercise at home. Join an online fitness class. You might very well find another form of exercise that you enjoy. Do a search online for home-based exercise programs – there is a wealth of information that will allow you to maintain your fitness level. There are also plenty of instructors currently offering live classes – and YouTube has many instructional videos providing easy to access programs for keeping fit and active.

It may be difficult to transition from a gym environment to a home setting; however, you can lighten the burden of solo exercise by thinking a little outside the box. Why not set up a Zoom group and ask your gym buddies to join you so that the social interaction of the gym experience is maintained. It will be far easier to exercise in the comfort of your own home if you know that others are having to cope with the same situation. Your living room may not boast the same ambience as a gym – but at the moment all of us must make some sacrifices in order to ensure that life returns to normal as quickly as possible – and you can resume enjoying the gym experience.

Going to the gym is a central part of many people’s lives – and at The Loft Gym, we realise that our temporary closure is hard on our members. Do not despair – we are scheduled to open again on 06 May, subject to the restrictions which may change, this is a very fluid situation. If you are feeling even mildly ill – cut down on exercise, see a doctor, rest and recuperate.


Being subject to restrictions does not mean that your quest for a healthier lifestyle needs to come to a grinding halt. You can still exercise at home – and outdoors. But remember, keep up with safe distancing, wash your hands, wear a mask and don’t touch your face.

We at The Loft Gym look forward to welcoming all members back. Stay strong, stay fit – this too shall pass.

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