The Foolproof Guide to Staying Fit While Travelling

It’s that time of the year when wanderlust hits. Whether it’s jetting off to spend a snowy Christmas in Zurich or boarding a flight to a laidback beach holiday in Bali, it’s definitely vacation season. But just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to put your fitness regime on hold.

Sure, it’ll be tempting to just bask in the holiday mood, snack on easily accessible junk food and let it all go. But if you don’t want to gain another 10 pounds by Christmas, you might want to think about how you can still stay in shape even while travelling. Thankfully, it’s way easier than you think. And to get you started, here are five clever ways to keep fit when you’re on the go.

Pack a workout

Just because there’s no gym nearby doesn’t mean you can’t get in a good workout if you’ve made it a point to pack your fitness essentials. Workout gear like jump ropes, resistance bands and hand grips take up less space than a hairdryer and provide everything you need for a great sweat sesh. Don’t forget to also pack a good and comfortable pair of running shoes so you can do some light cardio if the mood hits. And if music is your jam, bring your favourite sweat-resistant earphones for some heart-pumping workout tunes.

Stock up your mini bar

Before heading to the hotel, drop by the grocery store and stock up on your favourite fresh fruit, yoghurt and carbs. Having your own food can help you cut down on those excess calories you don’t want and need. Heading out? Prepare a snack bag of healthy nibbles you can munch on to minimise the damage of vacation snacking.

Eat a big healthy breakfast

Most hotels offer complimentary buffet breakfasts and that’s great because having a hearty breakfast gives you the energy you need for the day while also getting your metabolism pumping. Load up on healthy breakfast food like eggs, toast, fruit sausage and a slice of bacon. You’re on holiday after all. Filling your stomach on breakfast helps keep you full longer so you’ll be less likely to snack on junk food.

Walk whenever you can

The whole point of travelling is to explore. And there’s no better way to truly experience a place than going on foot. Ask your hotel staff for nearby places of interest that are within walking distance – museums, shops or parks – and mark those down on a map. Skip the bus, train or taxi and take to the streets as the locals do. Who knows, you just might discover some hidden gems that are not in any travel guides along the way.

Stay hydrated

Cabin air dehydrates you so you’ll want to load up on water before, during and after the flight. Stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol so you won’t get even more dehydrated. Drink at least 1 to 2 glasses of water every hour, especially when you’re out and about in hot climates. Chugging water also helps control appetite and prevents overeating as dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. So always carry a big bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Know other tips and tricks to stay fit while travelling? Share your stories and questions in the comments below!

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